Graduate Student Workshop

We are pleased to announce the pre-conference Graduate Workshop ‘Tools of the Trade’, which will take place on the Saturday and Sunday before the ISAS 2015 conference (1-2 August). The workshop will encompass both the tools necessary for academic inquiry, and the tools and techniques necessary for Anglo-Saxons to perform their everyday tasks. The aim is to provide an interdisciplinary approach that combines literary and linguistic studies with a more in-depth awareness of Anglo-Saxon material culture and the archaeology, context, production and curation of material objects. During the first part of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to work with various electronic dictionaries, corpora and thesauri, and discover how to draw connections between written text and material objects. The second part of the workshop will emphasise practical aspects of object-production in Anglo-Saxon times.

As well as having the opportunity to learn valuable research skills, students will be able to participate in the ISAS 2015 conference. Participation in the workshop is free of charge, including lunch, coffee breaks, and accommodation. Successful applicants will also have free registration for ISAS, but will be responsible for their own travel and other costs.

We aim to provide places for up to 14 participants, and we invite applications from current graduate students. Students should send their current curriculum vitae and a proposal (c. 300 words) outlining why the workshop would be beneficial to their study. The complete application should be sent to: Dr Daria Izdebska no later than 2 March 2015. Results will be announced before the end of March.