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– “Queen among Kings” – Anglo-Saxon coins from William Hunter’s Coin Cabinet
– Manuscripts in Glasgow University Library Special Collections

“Queen among Kings” – Anglo-Saxon coins from William Hunter’s Coin Cabinet


Eadwig, Offa, and Cynethrith Penny(©Hunterian)


Sunday 2 August: display of Anglo-Saxon coins during the opening reception at the Hunterian Museum (the reception starts at 18:00). The coins will also be available on display throughout the conference.

The Hunterian Museum houses one of the world’s greatest numismatic collections, containing ca. 70,000 coins, medals, tokens and related objects. About half is the original collection of Dr William Hunter put together at the end of the 18th century, when it was second only in importance to the French Royal Collection. Today it is Scotland’s premier collection in this subject. It contains Ancient Greek, Roman, medieval and modern coins as well as medals from the Renaissance to contemporary Scotland. Many of these are unique or extremely rare and most are in superb condition. For more information on the coin collections, please see here.

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Thursday 6 August: display of medieval manuscripts in Glasgow University Library Special Collections (timed visits from 17.40)

The University of Glasgow holds one of the most important collections of medieval manuscripts in the UK. Many of these treasures came to Glasgow at the beginning of the 19th century as part of the collection of the University’s greatest benefactor, Dr William Hunter (1718-83); the Hunterian Library alone holds ca. 250 manuscripts dating from the 15th century and earlier, with over one hundred spectacular illuminated examples.

Conference delegates are being offered the opportunity to view a small selection of these wonderful books. Viewing will take place in small groups, and delegates will be able to sign up for a time at conference registration. Items on display will include:

The Hunterian Psalter
A gloriously illuminated 12th century Romanesque manuscript, produced in England in ca. 1170 – a rare chance to see the jewel in the crown of Hunter’s collection.
[See: MS Hunter 229]

8th/9th century compendium of medical writings
The earliest western manuscript in Scotland; written in a pre-Carolingian script, and probably produced in northern Italy.
[See: MS Hunter 96]

Gregory I: Pastoral Care (England: 10th/11th century)
At one time in Worcester Cathedral, with marginalia by the ‘tremulous’ Worcester hand.
[See: MS Hunter 431]

Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (England: ca. 1120-1140)
With fragmentary illustrations; probably northern English/Scottish in origin.
[See: MS Hunter 279]

Devotional and Philosophical writings (England: ca. 1325-1335)
Lavishly produced illuminated manuscript with illustrations by the Master of the Taymouth Hours.
[See: MS Hunter 231]


Hunterian Psalter(© GUL Special Collections)

If delegates wish to consult items in Special Collections while in Glasgow, it would be a good idea to contact the reading room in advance with any requests, including shelfmarks to avoid waiting for material to be fetched out: special@lib.gla.ac.uk. Information on opening hours for reading room access is available here (please note that vacation hours will be operating).

For more information on Special Collections, please visit their website.

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